“every minute without an Otterbox you’re living on borrowed time!”

I found out some VERY VERY interesting information for all you iPhone, iPad and iPod users out there and I would feel negligent NOT passing it on.

Recently, my iPad 2 screen was cracked.  We aren’t entirely certain of all the details of the “how”, someone else was holding it, but none the less it all turned out okay, I have Apple Care and they were kind enough to replace it for a new one for me. I’m relieved and of course elated.

Let me first tell you, I have had an iPod Touch first generation, iPhone 3, 3G, iPhone 4 and now a 4S. I also owned a first generation iPad as well.  I’m prefacing all of this now to clarify I AM NOT NEW TO THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

I always ALWAYS use a case, I’m clumsy & with kids and on the run all the time so I ALWAYS have a case on my phone. Often they are more for aesthetics than anything else, but, not any more!!

The Apple service assistant that helped me, was not your “stereotypical” Apple Genius employee, and was obviously AMAZINGLY helpful in getting me a replacement, out the door and happy, but she said something I think EVERYONE should know.

“Every moment your iPad or iPhone are not in an Otterbox Defender Case, you are living on borrowed time”.

  I looked around and saw that they do not sell Otterbox at Apple, so she wasn’t telling me this to make a larger commission or to make more sales.  She was 100% offering me a VERY helpful tip.

She then explained to me that the crack on my iPad could have possibly even come from just jostling around in my handbag or someones messenger bag or backpack. (*my iPad was in a HIGH protection Speck case for the record).  She explained that even your keys hitting your iPhone screen in your purse could create such a crack. An iPad in your diaper bag or backpack just from the moving back and forth could create such a crack.  She said that this happens all the time and they are not always covered under your Apple Care. The fine print has to do with the way it’s cracked (there are two layers of glass) and your account. I seriously got lucky.

So, consider this YOUR helpful tip.  No matter how bulky and costly, it’s much less expensive to buy a good protective case than to have to replace your iPad or iPhone.

I’ve included the link for Otterbox’s website above and here.

Beware on Amazon: make sure that if you are purchasing one on Amazon that it comes directly FROM Otterbox (you can find this at the top and bottom of the Amazon page) otherwise they are very likely a knockoff.  The best way to verify this is to check out the Otterbox site, make sure that the color combo you see on Amazon exists on their site.  I’ve also noticed that the price for an authentic Otterbox case on Amazon is not much less than the actual Otterbox site if it’s a real one.

Okay, enough about Otterbox. I promise you I don’t work for them! I haven’t been paid to tell you about their products!  And I agree they are bulky, but I kept hearing “you’re living on borrowed time” in my head and couldn’t take it anymore……so I am now Otterbox covered 100%. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great week! 🙂

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1 Response to “every minute without an Otterbox you’re living on borrowed time!”

  1. Kourt says:

    Eeek! I’ve only had the loser Smart Cover from Apple on mine. So funny, JUST ordered J & I Otterbox Defender Cases today from Amazon!

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