why this time of year i get weird…….okay, extra weird.

So, 5-days away from my Birthday used to be the MOST exciting time of the year.   I remember how I used to wake up the morning after my birthday with the plans all mapped out for my mom & dad for the following year.  I wasted no time, turning 1/2.  My birthday is July 24th, I think by August 1st I was always, “and a half!”.

I remember the trips to Farrell’s Ice Cream in Canoga Park annually.
I remember the Ding Dong at Sierra Canyon Day Camp.

I remember the anticipation the day of my party.  The nervous excitement for it to be all about me yet, the excitement about it being ALL ABOUT ME!

I remember the jubilation of opening the presents.  Oh how exciting to get the latest toys!

Then I started getting older and it was, “only 5 more days until I’m a legal adult!!”.

Only 5 more days until I can drink legally!!!

And then oy, we jump to 30, and let’s just let that go cause it wasn’t pretty and I don’t wish to revisit it!!! 😉

But since then, my birthday has had new significance.  I take it seriously as the time of year to reflect.  To see what I’ve accomplished in the past year. What I haven’t fulfilled.  What I can do better at.  What I need to force myself to do.  It’s just a little less than halfway until the New Year and those resolutions begin, so I look at my birthday as a time to get myself in check.

No, I haven’t accomplished nearly enough in this past year, let alone this past 6-months, I’ve done a lot of merely surviving.  But I’m healthy (other than these stupid seasonal allergies that last all year!!!), I have a home, I have 2 amazing doggies that I love and that are thriving, and I have an amazing job that brings me such love and joy and truthfully, a performance review on a daily basis when I see those kids and how much they know and do and how AMAZING they are and how much of a difference I help make in their lives.

So, as I sit here reflecting on 36 and wait for 37 (you make a close to 40 joke and you WILL be sorry!) I realize how much good I have in my life.

And how much I have to be thankful for that others in these tying times don’t have.

I realize how much I still have left to do, I’m nowhere near done with my story and I’m definitely not done kicking ass!!

Bring it on 37, I’m ready and I’m gonna kick your ASS!!!

~ traci xoxo

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