my first post from my iPhone

I’ve never written a post from my iPhone before, but today is the day that won’t ever end. Literally. Like just when you think ahhhh, I can sit…..and then the chair breaks, ya, kinda like that.

Today was Calen & Leah’s Preschool Auction and big fundraiser/fair that was a ton of prep but so much fun!! After almost 10 hours of double toddler duty, 4+ of which were in the blazing hot sun on my feet, chasing after them and keeping my eye on our bids, all I wanted to do is go home and sleep. Until Tuesday.

This entire week has been trying. Not one specific thing, just everything. Everything taking longer than it should, plans following through last minute that I had coordinated multiple schedules around, appointments postponed on me and then having to postpone on others. See what I mean? Just annoying.

So much so that ME, of all people, who’s like a walking calendar of dates, important or not, forgot a HUGE important activity that HAD TO happen BEFORE today. (Sorry for being vague but it’s truly unimportant and not at all necessary to this story, promise!).

So here I am, at 1:07, AM, Sunday morning, still awake from Saturday, 15 shades of fried red sunburned from today, showered and hydrated thank god, but still awake and now assisting in fulfilling this obligation I committed to (sort of) by my forgetting to remember today’s date. Well, now that’d be yesterday’s date actually.

I feel awful for all inconvenienced and am so grateful to have a friend like Lindsay who’s “no big deal” attitude is far too gracious and has me currently wondering what she’s taking and if she’ll share! Just kidding. 😀

I often say that I wish I could see the future and boy is THIS one of those times……because I just don’t get it.


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