My letter to Baby E….

My letter to Baby E………as I sit here anxiously awaiting news of your arrival I’m so excited. Excited in a way I never experienced before.   I am so excited to meet you. To hold you. To cuddle with you. To whisper to you. And mostly, to tell you silly stories about your mommy that no one else will tell you!

Your mommy and I have been friends for almost 30 years, that’s a really really really long time.  And as I sit sit here , watching my phone like a watched pot, I realize how neat this is that you’re gonna be here soon.  And I can’t wait to spoil the snot out of you. To buy you every glittery thing you want. Your first tiara. Your first tutu. And your first lego’s, they can be any color YOU want, but I’ve always wanted the pink and purple ones. I want you to know that every time I come to visit we’re gonna go to the bookstore and buy you a new book.  I want you to call me on the phone at any hour of the day or night and tell me when you want me to come to visit.

Most of all, I want you to always know me. I want you to always know that I’m here for you and your mommy no matter what.  Your mommy is like my sister. You see, I didn’t get a sister and instead I was lucky enough to meet your mommy.  We fight more than we should, but its just because we love each other, and because we know each other too well.  (remember, I told you I’d tell you stories no one else would, well I will, and they’ll be funny and true!).

Your mommy has wanted you for a very long time and here you are, on your way.

I can’t wait to meet you sweet baby girl.


Auntie Traci xoxo

P.S. for the record, I think your name is gonna be Baby Emma, but, I guess we’ll have to wait and see! 🙂

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