Taking A Stand…..The AMA’s

All day I was looking forward to watching the American Music Awards, and I haven’t had a chance to watch them, but a tweet I read by the wonderfully talented, honest and wonderfully philanthropic Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) of CBS’s NCIS (she plays the colorful and brilliant Abby Scuito) made me REALLY think about our society and what we accept and how money and ratings seems to allow  a “man” to beat his girlfriend and continue to get support from the music industry and society as a whole.  What is wrong with this picture?  Talented or not, what he did was the sign of a sick human being and the fact that there are people continuing to support his career baffles me.

These tweets started me REALLY thinking about my stance on the awards tonight and other music awards shows in general that invite Chris Brown to participate:

PauleyP “THAT HAND beat the crap out of beautiful @Rihanna I will not celebrate him ever #AMA #EndAbuse

PauleyP “I said I Would Not Celebrate him Nothing to do with forgiveness & grace It is good to #forgive & to me? Not smart to forget”

Here’s where I stand.  He is more than welcome to pursue his career. People will support him, I can’t change everyone’s mind.  But, I have a problem with awards show’s continuing to welcome him back. It is a free country, he can tour, people can buy tickets to his show. But I find it hard to accept him on my TV as I watch an awards show on network TV. And why should I have to?

I’ve decided it’s as if ABC/Disney in this instance has excused the fact that he beat his girlfriend to a bloody pulp and would rather gain ratings from his presence.  I find this despicable.  I’m not sure now that I AM going to watch the AMA’s.  They will sit on my DVR as I decide if I can support a network who supports Chris Brown.

I don’t know where to take my plight but this isn’t the last you’re going to hear about it. If you’ve been following me for any time you know my stance on domestic violence and you know why. I’m a survivor.  And like millions of woman out there I feel that this is a battle worth fighting.  A subject worth drawing attention to. I’m open to ideas and suggestions. I”ll be back soon with ideas, and I’d love all the support and help I can find.

Two organizations close to my heart on this subject I always love to share:

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