Operation Name Change

I haven’t posted in a while, there’s been a ton of shit going on.  I’m okay, mostly, just so much going on inside my head I can’t organize my thoughts enough to come up with a coherent and compelling post, but I decided today it was time to dip my toe back in the waters so to speak by introducing you to my newly named blog!

I decided I needed a new image. I’m feeling blech right now in my life. I just turned 36, I’m casually dating but not involved with anyone serious (read: needs to find Mr Right STAT) and feeling blue.  I need a focus, an image.  People my age are defined by their relationships, I have none. Their kids, also,  have none. and/or their career. and while I LOVE what I do, being a nanny is what I do, not who I am. So,  I turned to my new friend and blogging genius Morgan (www.the818.com) and she came up with several brilliant suggestions.  I landed on @TraciTalksBack for my Twitter handle and I absolutely adore it, and decided to change my blog name as well.  Why not? It’s just the right amount of sassy for me, cause let’s be honest, I AM a sassy-pants!  And when I started this blog earlier this year I mentioned in my first post that it was a work in progress as I figured out my voice.  I’m still not sure I’ve completely figured out this voice thing, but I do feel comfortable spouting useless information, sharing my accomplishments & failures, my experiences and my daily life with you all. Thanks for following along on this journey we call life!! Have a great weekend! TGIF!

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1 Response to Operation Name Change

  1. Skatermomma15 says:

    What happened to your twitter account?? I miss you!!

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