salute to our troops & their families this memorial day

{this is a repost from Memorial Day weekend 2-years ago…….i am in the process of writing a new one, but it struck me how sad when i read this}

as i sit here sipping coffee in a funky mood on what should be a fun, carefree, day off, i can’t seem to get passed what today is ACTUALLY about. and how real it is in our world today with a war still being fought in Afghanistan. where there are families in every state with a dad or a mom, a son or a daughter, brother or sister away, serving our country, protecting our freedoms and sacrificing every day so that we can continue to live free.

i have spent a lot of time over the past few months and years now, thinking about how those who serve in the military aren’t just those that are sacrificing for my freedom its their families they leave behind. the wives who have to function as a one parent household day in and day out, through sickness, scraped knees, small heartbreak and little victories. babies being born to babies first steps.  its a sacrifice much bigger than i can even fathom.

my heart goes out to each and every one of you. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart, from now until your loved ones are home safe with you again.

i salute and thank those that have served, those that continue to serve and all of the families left back at home waiting………we wouldn’t be enjoying the daily freedoms we had if it wasn’t for you. happy memorial day.

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1 Response to salute to our troops & their families this memorial day

  1. Thank you for writing this Traci… It is touching to me that you always remember me on these days (sometimes you even remind me!) because it isn’t something I ever expect… I get a little caught off guard when I’m thanked for my service. Partially because it has been 5 years since I wore a uniform, but also because I didn’t understand before I joined the military how genuine and heartfelt a “thank you for your service” can be. The kindness and gratuity I’ve experienced in and out of uniform is an amazing part of the human spirit (and usually makes me cry). Coming back from Iraq people would stand up and clap or put their hand over their heart… I don’t expect that on so many levels and your post here is the same. Yes, the holiday may be just a nice day off work to some people, but there are others like you who go out of their way to thank veterans. So thank you for remembering, and for understanding what it’s all about ❤

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