the bachelorette, not a recap, just my two cents!

week 1 : so last night i watched the premier of this seasons bachelorette.  its gonna be a hard one to watch.  i’m not an ashley hebert fan. she seems fake, overly childish & giddy despite her claims to be “mature & ready for love”.  her constantly telling us how much more self-confident she is this time around, totally negates the self-confidence! i mean, please, when you’re the one and only female, how can you NOT be self-confident?!? dumb dumb dumb.

i must preface this by stating, i did not watch the most recent bachelor installment, i mean, i knew there was no way that brad womack had changed. sorry, nothing abc or he could produce and throw in my face would prove otherwise and this story breaking yesterday about he & emily being over was absolutely no surprise!

okay so getting back to last night.  i think i have already spotted a few front-runners. i HAVE NO INSIDER information and have read no other blogs on this subject to date.  i’ve just been watching this show a long time and have started to notice some consistencies.

my projection on the bachelor’s that will make it to AT LEAST the  final 6, are JP, Ryan (who received the first impression rose last night) and Will. mark my words. these are the 3 to watch. (not that it matters now, but i DID pick ed on the first night to be the finalist on jillian’s season).

i really want to touch on west. he may be a nice guy, i don’t know him. but, according to an interview his former mother-in-law gave, his former wife died under very suspicious circumstances.  it has never been proven he killed her, but she died, drowning in the bathtub upstairs after the two had an epic argument. she supposedly kisssed his cheek, went upstairs and was never seen alive again.  now, i’m all for “innocent until proven guilty” however, this dude had NO BUSINESS going on a reality show. whether he wanted to find love or just fame (which is CLEARLY what he’s gonna be getting here) he should’ve tried or something other than national tv. the guys on this show are all narcissists or they wouldn’t be willing to go on national tv and have their lives dissected.  a man who kills his wife is a narcissist.  need i remind you of scott peterson??  so whether or not west DID in fact kill his former wife i don’t know. but the fact that there’s even been suspicion, i feel he has some major cojones to even attempt to do this show. and i think his former MIL absolutely did the right thing. i wouldn’t want to be dating him, would you want to?? or your friend or sister or daughter??  here’s the article from last week, i’m sure we’ll hear more as time goes on and word get around but i have from a reliable source that she was NOT paid for this interview and did it solely to warn ashley and any other females he may come in contact with.

i think we have a very interesting season ahead of us, if you can stand ashley to get through to the finale, and i look forward to seeing if i’m at all correct on my predictions this season!

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