greetings from sunday school

today i am filling in at hebrew school. for many years i taught 2nd grade, and after a VERY tough year last year i decided to take a year off. but i’ve been lucky enough to fill in as a substitute over the course of this school year. today, is the last day of the school year and i was asked to fill-in, in the religious school office. and it’s actually quite fun & entertaining.

like as i was starting this post a teacher called to inform me of vomit in a bathroom. no one knows where it came from, but there is vomit none the less. and it was my job to inform the non english speaking maintenance to clean it up. no biggie! (as long as it’s not my job to clean it up, right??)

now i’m listening to a kid explain while it was ok for him to kick a teacher’s assistant. one that i have worked with and is out of this world amazing for a teen “helper”.  the best is the parent came in to talk to the kid and made excuses for him. kills me. what the hell is wrong with people today??

but the reason i’m here is to be tied to my religion. and its weird, just being here makes me feel more Jewish. it’s a connection i have that i’m not quite able to explain. its part of who i am. i don’t necessarily have Judaism in my every day life per say, but the traditions of being Jewish are what’s important to me. the holidays, the milestones, the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.  so being here, whether on a weekly basis or monthly basis or just intermittently like i have been this year, make me feel connected.  i walk through those doors and feel like i belong. and i didn’t grow up in this synagogue so it’s not the history here that makes me feel connected. i really don’t understand it myself, but as i sit here, looking around, feeling connected and not necessarily understanding why,  i felt the need to share.

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