chhh chhhh chhh changes…..

hi! happy thursday! if you’ve been following me for the past 2 months since i launched my blog, you’ll notice i’ve changed the name.  the whole idea of my blog was a work in progress. i’m not sure which direction it’ll be taking me, but i found a title that i find fits my nonsense i blog about!

i do my best thinking in the shower.  often times things that seem to have no solution while contemplating them all day, get solved while i think in the shower.  maybe its because i can’t be online, texting, reading AND watching tv all at the same time, so there’s plenty of time and ability for the voices in my head to be heard.  in fact, now that i think about it, that’s DEFINITELY the reason! in this technology crazed world, its hard for me to choose just one activity at a time! watching a tv show without also tweeting or facebooking is totally a thing of the past for me! i try, i really do, but, i’m incapable!

so that’s the long and short of it! while i still plan to feature plenty of things from “my own brand of crazy” since that’s pretty much the title of my life, my new blog has found a more proper name and I hope you’ll keep checking back for my…….. Tidbits From The Shower.

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