the power of the connection

i make no secret of my love for social media.  i was very reluctant at first, the anti- early adopter if you will.  i never had a MySpace page and only jumped on board the mighty Facebook wagon 3 1/2 years ago and just started really using Twitter recently. since then i have been billed as a fanatic. as someone who’s on there too much. someone who wastes their time on Facebook. but i don’t care. its my window to the world and as i’ve written about before, i find Facebook & Twitter fascinating and powerful and its only going to grow bigger and become a bigger part of my life. and yours.

i’d like to take a moment in this post to talk about the powers of Facebook and Twitter that i find so fascinating and warm and fuzzy on a daily basis.  for all the “haters” out there, all those that think Facebook is just a waste of time, i beg you to contemplate this:

– for the SAHM who is overwhelmed with responsibility, has a traveling husband and has to entertain two toddlers and a baby all day and night. it’s a way to connect with others in the same position, to air her frustrations and gain support.  and to feel validated in her struggles.

– for the mom with a child with a physical and or mental challenge. to gain support from other mommies and daddies and healthcare professionals within her network. to allow herself to be real and say what she thinks. how hard it is on a daily, and hourly basis to watch her baby struggle both physically, emotionally and mentally.

– for the lonely and depressed person who spends too much time in her own head, to realize there ARE people out there that care, that love her and want to be there for her in her times of need.  they share in her joys and they share in her losses.  they are real people who ARE listening. that care.

– for the traveling executive, alone in their hotel room at night away from family and friends, feeling down because everything around them is unfamiliar.  you hop on Facebook and voila, someone is around, someone is there to make you feel less alone. less out of your element, and to reassure you that soon, you’ll physically be back home again soon.

– for the person who’s just lost a parent, or a child and to be able to say the things that actually matter. how frustrated and angry they are at god for taking their loved one.  to not have to contact each person individually and share their pain. for others to be able to share how THEY feel about you at your time of loss and when they are thinking of you.

– for the family far away, who miss their nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, cousins, it’s a way to be part of their every day life. to see and share in the milestones.  to watch them grow developmentally and maturity wise. to see them flourish from child to adult.  to see what it is they do in their spare time. to see how they live their lives. its more than anyone could tell you in a phone conversation or an email or a handwritten letter.

in a world where suicide is up and somehow it’s around us everywhere right now, i think its important to stop judging methods and realize that a connection is a connection.  ours lives get busy.  being able to connect over the internet IS connecting no matter what anyone says.  now i’m not saying your digital life should get in the way of real life, please don’t mistake that at all. that’s not what i’m saying.  but,  in a world where connecting IRL is difficult, having an outlet is priceless.

so as you peruse your Facebook or Twitter que today and everyday, please take a moment to think about what’s behind those posts.  who’s posting them. what they may be feeling or going through. how you may be able to help them by a simple hi or hello. or validation of their feelings. reaching out is reaching out, YOU may be the one to help save them. save them from their thoughts, save them from their feelings, save them from their fears and save them from themselves.  think about it.


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4 Responses to the power of the connection

  1. Bret Temple says:

    Wow, so far I love the topics that your blogging about. I think this was a great posting, and very valid. There are so many “Haters” in regards to Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking site. Facebook has done so much for me personally. It has put me back in contact with friends and family members that I lost contact with for almost 20 years. I have a cousin that was transfered to Germany for work, and is there all alone in a strange country. but at least 2-3 times a week, he and I are able to chat and I can keep him company. It has allowed me to increase my business and advertise for free. It keeps your circle of friends and family connected in ways that just aren’t possible any other way. The amount of ways you can use FB to your advantage are countless. I think at some point in the future, FB should and implement video chatting like skype, and then the site will be almost perfect.

  2. McCall says:

    I’ll add to your list of situations to consider before judging the “reality” of digital connection. The contact & community that FB, Twitter, etc. provide for me (stuck at home, sealed off from the whole ‘real’ world, due to an immune disease) literally has meant the difference between wanting to take the next painful breath and wishing I could throw in the towel.
    Sure, fresh air and a face-to-face coffee date with even a loose acquaintance may indeed be far superior to chatting with an ‘eBuddy’s ‘wall’… But an empathetic connection and community of folks who ‘get it’…? Suffice to say, they take the edge off intense isolation, regardless of the form in which they bless you!
    My 2 cents.

    • myownbrandofcrazy says:

      McCall, I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE!! I wish I had included you in my post. I wanted to be anonymous but you are 100% right! xox

  3. Miller says:

    Very well written and thought-out! Thanks for sharing!

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