the way to ruin a show and lose viewers

i’m sorry for the delay, due for some unforseen circumstances, i had to delay this post by a day, my apologies. so, i’m not going to beat around the bush, i’m just gonna get right to the point. i could not be more disappointed with law & order los angeles’s premiere on monday night.  it was a disgrace to the law & order legacy.   it was a new show that had so much fanfare last fall, i thought it had potential and then they go and tweak the entire show killing off the one member of the cast that we had invested in, that had some redeeming quality and we had any back story on.  and voila, 25 minutes into the 2-hour episode they lost me. 

throughout the rest of the episodes, none of the fellow detectives seemed upset that detective winters had died.  his wife, played by teri polo didn’t even seem as distraught as we all know kathy would’ve acted if elliot had died on svu! there was no funeral. no mourning period, i didn’t buy the line when his partner, uttered the words, “my partner just died”.  

the second hour of the epsiode, actually bored me to tears. i forgot i was watching something on tv at one point even.  i read an article in yesterday that sorta gives an idea of why some of this happened, which helps me a little bit, but why oh why get rid of a great actor like skeet ulrich and not work him into the show somehow??

i cannot understand how a franchise that has been so successful and that i have watched religiously for almost a decade, could botch a show so badly. a show that i was invested in, characters i wanted to know more about.  we all wanted to know more about.

i have read and understand that they wanted to make alfred molina and terrance howard the crux of the show, but, follow me on this, wouldn’t skeet ulrich draw in the younger crowd more than either of the other actors?? isn’t that what all primetime shows are striving for? the younger viewer? the demographic that garners the largest amount of advertisers and viewers? this is why i am baffled.  i am no expert, i just watch A LOT of tv.  there’s a formula for success and i just don’t think this is it.  it is my belief that LOLA will go the way of Trial By Jury, the other spinoff from dick wolf that lasted only 12 episodes.

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  1. Bret Temple says:

    they killed of Skeet? What were they thinking. I never really got into this new version of Law and Order, nor have I liked the other Law and order shows either, like Criminal Intent. Nothing compares to the original with Jerry Orback, and of course SVU is just fantastic. But from what I saw Skeet would be the only character I would have been really interested in. That’s really too bad.

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