3 moves in 6 months

yeah, the title says it all.  3 moves in 6 months.  unbelievable even to me.  2 actually almost pushed me over the edge! thank god this 3rd is going to feel like living in heaven once i’m settled!  let me explain, because i think once you hear all the facts, you’ll see why.

in november of 2009 my boyfriend and i split up, but we had a fantastic apartment in west la that neither of us wanted to give up and because of the dogs and the spontaneity of this change as far as finances were concerned, he moved into the guest room and we lived as roommates.  we had the floor plan where you walking into a little hallway and then step into the living room.  there were two bedrooms, one on each side of the living room with a bathroom inside.  i work daytime and he worked nights and so it worked out okay.  i started looking for a place, but i had high standards because i LOVED the apartment we were living in.  i had everything i wanted, central air, heat, a patio, dishwasher, and lots of space.  it was perfect. i spent  8 months looking for a place to move and everything was either old, yucky, too expensive, not a good neighborhood, not a safe neighborhood, or just somewhat undesirable.

then in august of 2010, a “friend” called that her roommate was moving out and she needed someone to move into her extra bedroom.  she rented a 2+2 apartment in her name and sublet out the extra bedroom.  i had known her for 8 years.  we were going out friends, back in my “going out” days.  i didn’t spend much time in her home and quite frankly i hadn’t spent much time with her at all in recent years. but she wasn’t a stranger, she wasn’t asking for a lease or deposit and she was only asking for $500 rent/ month.  THIS was gonna be my chance to “get ahead”!!  i could pay off debt, i could save up some spending cash so i have a bit of a cushion, i could travel and not be so strapped.  the only downside was her “tenant” was moving out in late august and i couldn’t move in until october.  so i weighed my options knowing for 8 months i’d been looking and i decided to start paying rent in late august, but not move in until october. i knew i was wasting money but the way i saw it, i wasn’t having to come up with a deposit so this was my safety net.  dumb move on my part.  i moved in the last weekend in oct and the place ended up being a dump. she didn’t clean it, it smelled musty and old and i was miserable.  my bedroom itself was awesome, i made it into my very own personal space, but, it didn’t help the fact that i the rest of the place was unkept and smelly. disorderly and dirty and i couldn’t live like that.   not only was the apartment itself disgusting, but my bathroom was in the hallway so i had to step out of my private room into the icky abyss just to pee! there were nights i swear i went to bed having to pee just so i could avoid “the roommate” and stench of the apt.

i lived there a whopping 5-weeks.  first weekend in december i moved into the apartment i’m living in now.  after 3-weeks in “the dump” i started looking to find something.  i found the place i’m living in now and i have to be 100%, from day 1 things were sketchy with the management company.  i was “pre-approved” ahead of time by the owner of the company who was a bit of a cocky prick/slimy sales guy, but having worked in sales for 11 years, i’m good at handling them.  i got my way. but i had to work for it.  when they called my boss for a reference, she wasn’t there so when she called back they never returned her call. this went on for 4 days. and then i was told, “oh we don’t need to speak to her, just her calling back let’s us know she exists”. what?! sign number 3. happened when it was 5pm the night before thanksgiving and i still hadn’t heard if i got the apartment and they were hoping for a 12/1 move in (or at least start to the lease).  i call and the woman in the office i’d been dealing with answers the phone and when i ask for her asks like she’s someone else, okay so maybe this is sign #3 and #4, she says, “oh yeah, didn’t so and so call you”. um no, if they had, do you think i’d be sounding so frantic? she and i work out an arrangement and i leave for the holiday weekend very excited i’m going to be able to permanently escape “the dump” soon.

if you’re keeping track, i only physically stayed in “the dump” for 3-weeks, i was lucky that a good friend was out-of-town for 2+ weeks starting the weekend before thanksgiving so i moved all my necessary stuff for daily use and riley and i to her place back on the westside. yes, it was THAT BAD at “the dump”.

so, sunday, december 5th comes and my hired movers show up right on time, i mean i had to hire movers that time, you can’t ask friends and family to move you twice in 5 weeks, that’s just wrong! “the dump” gets packed up in record time we head over to the new apt and i meet the manager and find out there are a few things on the list that still need fixing. i think no big deal, so long as i never have to go back to the dump. FATAL ERROR ON MY PART!  apparently i should never have moved into my place but who in god’s name was thinking of that as an option when you’re entire life is now back on a truck in front of this complex and he’s telling me there are a few small things that still need fixing.  this was me being an optomist, obviously! so i had the movers empty the truck and i’m thinking life is about to get brighter. wrong. i won’t bother you with every single detail but suffice it to say the 35-year-old water heater had not been replaced and 7-days later when it finally was i was blamed because i should have had my electricity turned on a week before i moved in SO THEY COULD TEST IT OUT.

so i unpacked, made the place my home and started to wage a battle with the management company that has my blood boiling to this moment and is not really resolved.  i have not received a refund for the 7-days i lived there without water, which is a violation of the ca renters rights.  as of late december they stop returning any of my calls and do not fix what they had previously promised to get fixed. my manager is a great guy and while i want to believe he’s not “in on it”, he can’t seem to get them to fix anything either and agrees with where i’m at now.  in fact, two weeks ago, his emailed response to my asking when my heating unit’s motor was being replaced and my water heater fixed was “i think you need to call the housing authorities”. um, that was pretty much my last straw.

enter my guardian angels. sometime in late february a friend from childhood posted on facebook that her husband and she had a condo literally 1/2 a mile from calen & leah’s house (where i work) and in a great central location. i loved the area i was living in, but found it further away from everything than i’d expected. so i commented to my mom about the posting about the condo and we both acknowledged that no way could i move a 3rd time.   2-3 weeks go by and i see her re-post the condo.  i had just gotten the response that i should contact the housing authorities and i realize maybe the condo posting is a sign.  so i email her.  the place is TO DIE FOR in an amazing location with every amenity i could ever want. even nicer than the 2+2 i was living in with my ex,  so i weighed my options and decided that as much as physically moving again seems AWFUL and i’m finally feeling settled and catching up, having such an amazing place is what i deserve and its gotta be worth the work to do it so i can be happier.

so i did it. i broke my lease with my management company citing a little known law by tenants which is the “implied law of habitability” in which your landlord commits to keeping the place in working order which clearly my landlord is not.  i signed the lease on my new place this past weekend and i move in in two weeks! i am so excited. but so overwhelmed at the current moment.  3 moves is 3 moves and while i’ve traded up and its going to be so much better….. for me, it’s just stressful and emotional!! !

oh, and did i mention i’m hosting passover seder dinner for 11 people on monday night april 18th?!?! yeah, i AM crazy. 🙂

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4 Responses to 3 moves in 6 months

  1. Courtney says:

    Umm, yeah. You’re crazy. But that’s why we’re friends. I’ve done my fair share of moving more times than I care to count. So much so, my movers (read: friends) have told me they’re done helping. Touche.

    I wish I could be there to help. I may not like moving and packing and lifting and shoving boxes here and there, but I like to think my ability to break out in spontaneous dance is a welcome reprieve to the crazy. Good luck, friend!

    • myownbrandofcrazy says:

      Aww thank you!! Yeah I HATE moving so those has got to be it! Lol. And spontaneous dances always welcome!!

  2. Anna says:

    Good luck. I hope this move sticks for you. I know that where you live has a lot to do with your happiness.

  3. myownbrandofcrazy says:

    thanks anna, so very true! i hadn’t realized that until now but wow, what a difference in my outlook on everything since i made this decision!

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